Windshield San Diego

Windshield San Diego

Windshield San Diego repair and replacement services are designed to keep you and your loved ones safe while you are inside of the vehicle. We often forget just what an important role the glass on our vehicles plays. Beyond the obvious purpose of keeping the ride inside of the vehicle quite and comfortable, it also protects you from impacts from debris. Properly installed and well maintained auto glass is designed to act as a structural component of the vehicle, giving the occupants greater protection. This is especially evident in the case of rollover collisions, in which the glass actually contributes twenty percent of the vehicle’s overall strength. If the glass is not installed properly, or it has been weakened from previous impacts, it can fail when you need it most. When the airbag deploys, it is intended to squeeze itself in between the dashboard and the windshield. If the glass breaks, you will be extremely vulnerable.

Windshield San Diego Repair Services

We offer a wide range of windshield San Diego services, and we have experience handing various types of damage, on all types of vehicles. It is important to choose the right professionals to work on your vehicle. Auto Glass San Diego has built its reputation on providing top quality work for affordable prices. Whenever possible, we strongly encourage all of our customers to choose to repair the damage to their existing glass whenever that is possible. Not only is this approach faster and more affordable, the results are of a higher quality. Our mobile technicians come to you at a time and a place of your choosing. Our unique process of repairing damage involves using special urethane binders that are injected directly into the damaged areas on your vehicle. The result is a clear hard finish that is nearly invisible to the naked eye. After the process is complete, which typically takes about an hour, your glass will be restored to full strength and no further maintenance will be needed. Call us any time to find out more information about our services, and to schedule an appointment with one of our trained professionals.

Professional Windshield San Diego repairs and Replacement

Whether a windshield replacement or repair is the option for you will depend on the type of damage and where it is located. Damage that is too close to the edges of the glass cannot always be repaired because the tools we use need space to properly attach to your car. In the case of chips and cracks that are in a location that is repairable, there are a few general rules. Chips that are larger than a quarter are generally too large to be repaired. Cracks are always more difficult to repair, and they must be less than the length of a business card in order to do so. If we determine that the glass on your vehicle is beyond repair, we can replace the entire part with high quality rated safety glass. We are among the leading providers of services relating to windshield San Diego.