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Windshield Replacement San Diego

Windshield replacement San Diego services from our company are second to none. The windshield and glass that comes standard on all vehicles sold in this country provides a great deal of protection to the occupants if it is in good condition. If there are any chips, cracks, or other damage, the strength of the entire piece of glass could be compromised. Whenever possible, Auto Glass San Diego attempts to repair the damage, rather than replacing the entire part. Our innovative repair process takes about an hour, requires no further maintenance, and restores the original strength of the glass. Glass with significant damage or with damage that is too close to the edges cannot be repaired and must be replaced to maximize the safety of the vehicles occupants. When a replacement is needed, we use only high quality rated safety glass. Call us today to speak to our experts about Windshield replacement San Diego.

Windshield Replacement San Diego Services

Windshield replacement San Diego provides customers with piece of mind knowing their vehicle is safe. A strong windshield plays a role in a variety of the safety functions of your vehicle. This comes into play perhaps most often in the case that the airbag deploys. The airbag is designed to wedge between the steering wheel and the windshield to reach the adequate internal pressure to provide protection. If the glass is not installed properly, or it is already damaged, there is a strong chance that it will either pop out, or shatter. This leaves the occupants vulnerable to subsequent impacts because the layer of safety that the glass provides is removed. Furthermore, the airbag will not generate the necessary force to adequately protect the occupants of the vehicle. When a vehicle rolls over, a strong and well bonded windshield provides about twenty percent of a car’s strength. If for whatever reason this strength is reduced, the occupants can be at serious risk. It is important to choose people with a high level of training and experience to work on your vehicle. According to some statistics, over three quarters of replacements are done wrong. Call the experts about windshield replacement San Diego.

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Windshield replacement San Diego uses only the highest quality parts and materials when doing any repairs. The reason that repairs are always preferable is because the glass that comes standard on your vehicle must meet stringent safety standards, and provides the maximum level of protection. Replacement glass does not have to meet these specifications, and therefore, provide less protection. The bond holding the glass in place can also be weak, meaning it can pop out when you need it most. Our highly trained and experienced technicians have the knowhow to get the job done right. Our innovative replacement process uses the latest vehicle specific binders to ensure that the maximum amount of strength is achieved. We are the leaders for a reason. Call us with any questions about windshield replacement San Diego.