On a modern car, the windshield serves many important functions.

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windshieldA piece of equipment that was once as a luxury upgrade, the windshield, is now one of the most prominent safety features of a car. Though originally designed out of pure glass panes, today’s auto glass is made of laminated safety glass. A modern windshield constructed in this way has layers of polymer binders sandwiched between glass panes. The resulting part is impact resistant, to a certain extent, aerodynamically shaped, capable of protecting the vehicles occupants from the outside elements, and acts as a structural component of the car. Leo Cyr, the vice president of the National Glass Association, auto division, said, “Many people just don’t realize that their car’s windshield contributes to the vehicle’s structural integrity by supporting the roof during a rollover.” And according to AAA, “this suggests windshield integrity may be a crucial factor in crash survivability”.

Why the Windshield is so Important


Auto Glass San Diego uses modern windshields, made with polyvinyl butyral, or PVB. PVB allows the auto glass to absorb shock and transfer energy into the car body. The factory installs the auto glass using urethane binders, applied to clean surfaces. As a result, this seal is stronger than and replacement will be. Modern replacement methods achieve over 90% of the original strength. Small chips or cracks are known to weaken the integrity of the entire windshield. 10% of all car accidents are rollovers, and 75% of people who are ejected from a vehicle do not survive. Most people also do not know that the windshield is part of the airbag system. When the airbags deploy, they expand and press against the windshield, causing pressure. An improperly installed part could pop out or even shatter, resulting in less of a cushioning effect from the airbags. A strong, crack free windshield is key to you and your family’s safety.

Other Windshield Applications

While car windows are made with laminated PVB glass, motorcycle and other small, personal vehicles have a windshield made of impact resistant acrylic. This keeps the part lightweight without sacrificing strength. The windshield on a personal vehicle, like a motorcycle or jet ski, are designed to make the ride more comfortable and aerodynamic. The wind noise experienced by the driver is also significantly reduced by having a properly sized front windshield. Boat windshields are much more varied than those of cars. Materials used include, PVB glass, acrylic, Plexiglas, and other hard, impact resistant polymers. Even watercraft can suffer the effects of a cracked windshield. Severe weather and birds are the most common causes of marine glass damage. Another significant factor leading to stress on boat windshields is the humid, highly corrosive environment it is exposed to on a regular basis. Salt from the ocean mixes with the air and causes metal fasteners holding the windshield in place to rush. This causes minute changes in the positioning of the windshield, which can lead to cracks after time. Proper maintenance and inspections of your watercraft are highly recommended to prevent a failure. Auto Glass San Diego is your friendly, local, one stop shop for all of your windshield related needs. 

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