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Windshield Replacement
The windshield is one of the most important safety features of a car, and sometimes they are in need of a windshield replacement. A windshield replacement is the only answer when a chip or crack cannot be repaired. Cracks or chips larger than a quarter will usually mean that the windshield will need replacing. Also, chips and cracks located too close to the side of the windshield are unrepairable. Be careful when dealing with so called auto glass experts. Many will press you to get a windshield replacement even if one isn’t needed. For this reason, we offer a free, no obligation consultation regarding your windshield damage. Besides protecting the occupants from wind, the windshield is also an important structural component of a car. In rollover accidents, the windshield supports the roof of the car, preventing it from collapsing. When the airbag deploys in a car, it expands and presses against the windshield. These are just two of the reasons to take advantage of our windshield replacement program. Even tiny chips or cracks can weaken the integrity of the entire windshield, leaving the vehicles occupants vulnerable. Auto Glass San Diego has highly trained technicians that will come to you for your windshield replacement needs.

What to Expect from your Windshield Replacement San Diego


During the windshield replacement process, if your windshield has not been replaced in the past, the technician will need to break the original factory seal holding the windshield in place. Once this seal is broken, no windshield replacement will ever achieve the same strength. However, using modern urethane binders, Auto Glass San Diego replacement specialists are able to install your new windshield with a bond as close to a factory seal as possible. Sometimes, windshields with large chips or cracks that are repairable should still be replaced. The resign injected into chips isn’t as strong as the windshield around it, which still leaves the windshield vulnerable. To ensure the safety of you and your family, windshield replacement is defiantly the right option in these circumstances.

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Make sure you choose Auto Glass San Diego for your windshield replacement. According to the National Glass Association, over three quarters of windshield replacements are done incorrectly. This is most commonly due to the technician not using vehicle specific urethane binders, or not properly cleaning the edges of the windshield before replacement. Either of these mistakes can lead to a seal that is weaker than necessary. This can keep the airbags from functioning properly, and weaken the structural integrity of the vehicle in a rollover. A proper windshield replacement is key to the safely of your family. Another simple mistake windshield replacement technicians commit, is not informing the customer of the proper waiting time before driving. The binders holding the windshield in place but be undisturbed for a certain amount of time, depending on which urethane was used on your vehicle. Before you schedule a windshield replacement, call us. We offer free consultations and we come to you. Auto Glass San Diego offers a full satisfaction guarantee on every windshield replacement we complete.

Many windshields sustain damage that is too severe to repair. These will need to be replaced to ensure the safety of the vehicles occupants. The cost of replacing a windshield varies greatly from vehicle to vehicle. Larger vehicles as well as more expensive ones will have more expensive replacement parts. Call our friendly, mobile, windshield replacement technicians to schedule an appointment.
The windshield is one of the most important and overlooked safety features on a car. It provides structural support to the vehicle in case of a collision as well as protecting the vehicles occupants from wind and flying debris. If a windshield is damaged, it weakens the integrity of the entire windshield. Windshield replacement specialists are available 24/7 to assist you.
The windshield is not the only place that can be damaged by flying objects. Side and rear windows are also commonly chipped or cracked while driving. Out technicians are highly trained to repair, and if necessary, replace side and rear vehicle windows.  Auto Glass San Diego windshield replacement experts are always able to help with side and rear windows.
When your windshield is damaged, no auto glass specialist can make a proper assessment over the phone. Our mobile experts will come to you to give you a free estimate. Many windshield chips are repairable, saving you money. Auto Glass San Diego is here to assist you in all of your windshield replacement needs.
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