Motorcycle Windshields

San Diego Motorcycle Windshields

San Diego motorcycle windshields are extremely important for keeping the rider safe. On many models of bikes, the glass is small, and barely noticeable. However, it plays a significant role both is adding comfort to the ride, and providing a level of protection. Many riders have had debris hit wither them, or the windscreen on their bike. This can lead to serious injury or damage. Motorcycle glass is often considered a specialty item, and is more expensive than many rides expect. This is primarily because of the materials used in its construction. Unlike the layered glass that is used on cars, motorcycle windshields are made special polymers that are far stronger. The added strength is needed because the glass tends to be supported only on the bottom, leaving the top exposed. The strong polymers used in the construction ensure they are able to withstand serious impacts. We provide professional service at affordable rates. Call us to schedule an appoint regarding San Diego motorcycle windshields.

We Repair San Diego Motorcycle Windshields

San Diego motorcycle windshields can be either repaired or replaced depending on the damage done. Auto Glass San Diego is one of the few companies in town that specializes in windshield repair and replacement of these types of vehicles. Although the parts themselves may be somewhat expensive, we ensure that they are of the highest quality. Whenever possible, we opt to repair the damage instead of replacing it. This saves the customer time and money, and ensures the high quality glass that comes standard on all bikes sold in this country remains intact. The urethane binders used in our repairs bring your windshield back up to full strength, and ensures the damage will not spread to the point that the entire part needs to be replaced. This is why it is so important to repair damage as soon as it occurs. Our harsh temperatures and frequent encounters with road debris, small damage has the tendency to become worse. Once a part is damaged, the slightest hit, or bump in the road can lead to a large crack or split that is unrepairable. Call us if you have questions regarding San Diego motorcycle windshields.

Quality San Diego Motorcycle Windshields

San Diego motorcycle windshields protect the rider and provide a smooth ride. We often overlook just how important the windscreen in on our bikes. However, riding in many conditions without it can be unbearable, not to mention dangerous. Drivers can be hit with debris that either causes damage directly, or causes them to lose control and crash. To minimize the chances for injury, it is important to make sure that the glass on your vehicle is as strong as possible. We offer San Diego motorcycle windshields for a variety of models, and can order parts for specialty and high end parts directly from the manufacturer. Our mobile technicians come to you and provide one of a kind service. We offer a free estimate of damage to all of our prospective customers. Call us today for more information about our services, and San Diego motorcycle windshields.