San Diego Boat Windshields

San Diego Boat Windshields

San Diego boat windshields can often become damaged, which it left untreated, can cause further damage, and leaves the crew at an increased risk of injury. We are one of the few glass repair companies in town that specializes in these types of repairs. The glass on our boats is often overlooked, but is extremely important for the longevity of the watercraft, the comfort of the ride, and the safety of the occupants. Water can seep through chips and cracks, which can lead to costly damage over time. Damaged windscreens let air seep through them, creating added noise, and wind felt by the occupants. Safety is perhaps the most important consideration. Glass that has been previously damaged provides little to no protection in the case of a collision. Damaged glass can shatter, or pop out while riding, which can injure the crew directly, or cause an accident. If you watercraft has been damaged, call us for information about San Diego boat windshields.

We Repair San Diego Boat Windshields

San Diego boat windshields need to be maintained properly to ensure they perform their intended function. Auto Glass San Diego is the leading provider of mobile windshield repair services for all types of watercraft. The glass used on most modern watercraft is not glass at all, but polymer. This polymer provides added strength when compared to the layered safety glass that comes standard on cars. Because of this, the cost of replacing a damaged piece of boat glass is fairly expensive. Because of this we offer mobile repair services to ensure your damage does not spread and become unrepairable. We special urethane binders into the damaged portions of the glass that brings the part back to full strength. The finish left behind is clear and seamless, and never needs to be maintained. Chips and cracks that are left have a tendency to spread because of the tremendous forced that are exerted on the hull of the boat while riding. This tension can shatter even the strongest windshields, or pop out of place. To ensure the safety of you and your loved ones while on the water, we urge you to maintain your San Diego boat windshields.

High Quality San Diego Boat Windshields

San Diego boat windshields are an often overlooked part of the watercraft. Boats are not they only types of watercraft that need maintenance to the protective glass. Jet skis are some of the most commonly damaged vehicles. Because the travel and such great speed, and are constantly dipping in and out of the water, the protective safety glass often gets pressed beyond the breaking point. Then this occurs, it is important to repair the damage before further riding, or before you leave the vehicle for an extended period of time. We provide San Diego boat windshields for a variety of types of watercraft. We only use the highest quality parts direct form the manufacturer when doing any of our repairs or replacement. Call us today for more information about San Diego boat windshields.