Windshield Repair San Diego CA

Windshield Repair San Diego CA

Windshield repair San Diego CA mobile service from our company is designed to save you time and money, while leaving professional results. Our innovative process is unique, and leaves results that are second to none. Whenever the glass on your vehicle is damaged, it is important to take it to professionals that handle both repairs and replacements. Most auto glass repair shops only specialize in replacing damaged parts. The money that you would spend on replacement glass and the time needed to install in can be thousands of dollars depending on the type of vehicle you own. Our repair services are a mere fraction of this amount, and cost the same no matter what type of vehicle you own. The end result of our process is of a higher quality than a replacement would be. It is important to always to research, and choose the right professionals to do any work on your vehicle.

Mobile Windshield Repair San Diego CA Technicians

Our windshield repair San Diego CA specialists are among the best in the business. Auto Glass San Diego has built its reputation on providing unique and innovative, mobile, windshield and glass service to all areas of the city. Our approach not only saves you time, it also saves you money. There are several reasons that our repair services are superior to services provided by other companies. First of all, it is always our goal to leave factory installed glass in place because of the stringent safety protocols that these parts must adhere to. Secondly, the original bond that is made in the factory between the car and the glass is stronger than any subsequent bond will be. Once this bond is broken, and a new windshield is installed, subsequent bonds will achieve a maximum of about ninety percent of the original seal. Replacement auto glass is also not required to meet the same safety standards that factory glass is. We are experts in windshield repair. This is another reason why choosing a reputable company is so important. We always use the highest quality rated safety glass if we determine that a replacement is the only option.

Professional Windshield Repair San Diego CA

There are many different types of windshield damage that can be repaired, and a few that cannot. The most common type of damage to glass is what we call a bull’s eye. These small chips are easy to overlook and can often be barely visible. The problems arise in the fact that these small chips can easily spread from driving on rough surfaces, changes in humidity, and changes in temperature. If it spreads into a crack, it is much more difficult to repair. In general, cracks must be less than the length of a business card to be repaired properly. Chips must be smaller than a quarter, and damage that is too close to the edges of the glass cannot be repaired. Keeping a strong windshield is imperative to ensuring the safety of the vehicles occupants. Call our experts today for information about windshield repair San Diego CA.