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Windshield repair San Diego is a modern process which involves the injection of special resin into the chip. Drying takes around thirty minutes, and leaves a clear, smooth finish. The windshield repair process restores the strength of the windshield, and prevents the chip from spreading into a crack. People generally think that windshield cracks are simply an annoyance, and are ignored by a significant number or drivers. Cracks however, weaken the integrity of the windshield; this could cause a failure of one of the most important safety features on your car. Windshield repair of a crack is more difficult than that of a chip. The crack must also meet certain criteria in order to be properly repaired. Generally, a windshield repair can only be completed if the crack smaller than a quarter. Otherwise it cannot be repaired and the entire windshield will need to be replaced.

Windshield Repair San Diego Information

Windshield chips are much more common than cracks and are easier to repair using our windshield repair techniques. If left untreated however, a chip can spread into a crack, costing you a lot more money. Most windshield cracks are caused by small, flying pieces of debris, kicked up by other motorists. Metal ice scrapers are also known to cause windshield chips; plastic is always preferable. In windshield repair, cracks are usually placed into four categories: bull’s eyes, partial bull’s eyes, star breaks, and combo breaks. A bull’s eye is a deep hole in the windshield, with no sharp points protruding from it. A partial bull’s eye is a shallow indention in the window resembling a bull’s eye. Star breaks appear to be several small interlinked cracks. Combo breaks have sharp points protruding from the center, which is broken inward, similar to a bull’s eye. All of these breaks can be fixed by our mobile windshield repair specialists.

Benefits of Windshield Repair San Diego

Our windshield repair specialists are highly trained and certified to deliver outstanding results.. Windshield repair typically take less than an hour, leaving the customer with a clear, smooth, and strong windshield, ready for driving. Repairing your windshield also ensures the factory O.E.M. rated glass is there to protect you and your family. Factory windshields are rated to withstand the force of the airbag deploying, and do not shatter. Aftermarket, replacement windshields are not O.E.M. rated, and therefore are not guaranteed to withstand the force of the airbag deploying. Because of this, our windshield repair specialists will always repair a windshield where possible. It is also worth mentioning, in the state of California, anything that obstructs the drivers view is considered illegal; these may be something hanging from your rear view mirror, or a chip in your windshield. Not calling a windshield repair technician could be very pricey indeed.After a chip is caused in the windshield, and before the windshield repair specialist arrives, cover it with clear tape to prevent moisture and dirt from getting inside. Remove the tape before driving if it is in your field of view. Next, call your friendly, local, Auto Glass San Diego windshield repair specialist to schedule an appointment. Our technicians will come to you and repair your windshield quickly with professional results. After your windshield repair, you can rest assured that your factory sealed and O.E.M. rated windshield have been repaired with the highest quality products on the market.

Different Types of Windshield Repair San Diego Available
Of the different types of windshield repair available, windshield crack repair tends to be the most difficult. Cracks must meet certain stringent criteria to be able to be repaired. Generally, a crack larger than a quarter is too large, and the entire windshield will need to be replaced. For windshield crack repair, and other types of windshield repair, call 619-333-0304.
The same tools and techniques used to repair a front windshield can also be used in car window repair. Our technicians are certified to repair chips and cracks in side and rear windows.  Damage to side or rear windows, is more than an annoyance, it can lead to a window shattering while driving. If you have questions about car window repair, or windshield repair call 619-333-0304
Motorcycle windshields are also susceptible to damage. In the case of a motorcycle, damage to the windshield can be very dangerous. A chipped or cracked windscreen could shatter or break loose while riding, leading to severe consequences. For questions regarding motorcycle windshields and windshield repair call 619-333-0304
Even on the water, flying debris can damage expensive boat windshields. Out highly trained staff is fully qualified to repair damage to your watercraft. Damage from debris, birds, and even the environment can wreak havoc of watercraft glass. With Auto Glass San Diego, your boat windshield repair will be completed with spectacular results.
At Auto Glass San Diego, we believe that mobile windshield repair is the only way to keep customers happy. Our highly trained and experienced technicians will come to you for all of your auto glass needs. We offer free consultations and will explain the options you have available to you. Our mobile windshield repair is second to none.

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