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Window Tint

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Window tint is a type of window coating specifically designed to alter the flow of light into a vehicle. Today’s modern window films come in many varieties, but are generally layered with a hard, scratch-resistant coating. A common misconception about window tint is that it is applied on the outside; it is always applied on the inside of the window to protect the film from flying debris. Window tint comes in several varieties: deposited metal film, dyed film, atomic sputtered film, heat rejection film, and security films. All of these types of window tint have their own unique characteristics. Another common misconception is that all window films are dark, when in fact many are clear. The price of window tint for your vehicle will depend on the type of vehicle and which type of film you choose.

Types of Window Tint

When discussing the different types of window tint, Auto Glass San Diego would like you to be aware of the visible light transmittance percentage, or VLT% of tinting films. Ordinary solar window tint, standard on most vehicles, is around 95% VLT; this means 95% of the light passes through freely. The simplest form of window tint is dyed film. Dyed films absorb light and heat. While coming in different levels of VLT, this type of tint tends to be dark. Window film is installed on the inside of the vehicle, meaning the heat absorbed heats up the interior. These films are primarily used for privacy. Atomic sputtered window tint involves atomizing small particles of metal and chemically binding then to a strip of urethane. This creates an incredibly thin layer that is highly reflective and does not absorb heat. The VLT percentages for this window tint tend to be high, as well as the price tag. Heat rejection window tint tends to be clear and reduces the amount of infrared radiation entering the vehicle. These films are the kind usually installed by the factory. Deposited metal film is similar to sputtering, but it produces a thinker, darker, more mirrored finish. This type of film is also relatively inexpensive. Security films are thick, and are meant to make the glass impact resistant. Hybrid window tint is a combination of two or more of the previously mentioned examples. These also tend to be expensive.

Benefits to Window Tint

Window tint is more than just a cosmetic upgrade. The reduction in harmful rays entering your vehicle protects interior surfaces and your skin. Depending on the type of window tint you choose, you can enjoy a cooler ride, or enhanced privacy. All window tint has one important property, holding auto glass together in the event of a collision. The polyester core surrounded by binding materials acts as a screen, holding the windows together. This protects your family from flying glass in case of an accident. Please ensure the tint you choose for your vehicle complies with local laws and ordinances, and contact Auto Glass San Diego for all of your window tinting needs.
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