San Diego Auto Glass Repair

San Diego Auto Glass Repair

San Diego auto glass repair is tailored to meet your needs by providing mobile service when you need it most. We set ourselves apart from our competition because we are so highly experienced in dealing with a wide range of different types of vehicles. While many companies’ only repair cars, the trained professionals at Auto Glass San Diego specialize in repairs on cars, trucks, boats, motorcycles, commercial and construction vehicles, and many more. Mo matter what type of vehicle you own, our mobile repair technicians are experts are saving you time and money. Repairing damage soon after it occurs is key to ensuring it does not spread to the point that it can no longer be repaired. Keeping glass in good condition can significantly increase the safety of those who are inside of the vehicle. Please do not hesitate to call one of our experts about San Diego auto glass repair.

Professional San Diego Auto Glass Repair Service

San Diego auto glass repair services take around one hour and in nearly invisible once completed. Whenever we encounter a customer who has had their vehicle damaged, we explain the benefits of doing a repair instead of a replacement. First of all, the financial costs associated with our innovative windshield repair process are a mere fraction of what it would cost to do a replacement. Next, replacement glass is not required by law to meet the same safety standards that the glass that comes standard on the vehicle does. This unrated glass provides significantly less protection than the stock glass. Finally, after the original windshield is bonded to the frame at the factory, a replacement technician must break this bond and reseal it. This new bond will never be as strong as the original, and the glass will be less secure. However, if the professionals who are working on your vehicle use proper techniques and vehicle specific binders, the new glass and bong can be up to ninety percent as strong as the original. We are the leading providers of mobile San Diego auto glass repair.

Mobile San Diego Auto Glass Repair

San Diego auto glass repair specialists at our company deliver professional results every time. There is a significant amount of time that can also be saved by choosing a repair. Our unique process takes about an hour. Our technicians use a special blend of urethane binders that they inject directly into the damaged areas. Then the air is vacuumed out to get rid of air bubbles and imperfection. Next the surface is smoothed. After all of these steps are completed, the repaired areas will need to cure and harden. This occurs in sunlight after about twenty to thirty minutes. Once the repair is complete, no further maintenance is needed for your glass. The repaired areas are just as strong as the glass that surrounds them. Only in the most severe cases is a full replacement needed. If this is the case, we use only the highest quality rated safety glass to do our repairs. Contact us for more information about San Diego auto glass repair.