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Call 24 Hours 619-333-0304Rock Chip RepairRock chip repair is a low cost, simple alternative to a windshield replacement. The vast majority of chips and cracks in a windshield can be repaired. Auto Glass San Diego’s rock chip repair experts will come to you at a time of your convenience. Auto glass shops make a lot more money replacing the entire windshield and tend to pressure you into choosing that option. Our rock chip repair specialists focus exclusively on repairing, not replacing, windshields. Recently, numerous do-it-yourself repair kits have some onto the market. Rock chip repair is a relatively simple process; however, a technician specializing in this area will have training and tools specific to windshield repair. Someone could unwittingly cause more damage to their windshield with a repair that is not done properly.

Types of Damage Rock Chip Repair Addresses

In rock chip repair, there are several types of chips. The most common types are bull’s eyes, small chunks taken out of the windshield. Next are partial bull’s eyes; these are shallower, less severe bull’s eye breaks. Star breaks are also common. These are easily distinguishable by the multiple sharp ends protruding from the chips center. The most difficult type of chip for a rock chip repair technician to repair is the combination break. This is usually a combination of two of the previously listed examples. While an ordinary rock chip repair will take 30 to 45 minutes. The repair of a combination break will take a little longer to complete and takes more of the binding resin to seal the chip. This means the curing time before driving will be longer. Commonly in rock chip repair, the technician fails to inform the customer of the appropriate waiting time before driving. This could result in a final product that is less than perfect. 30 to 45 minutes is acceptable for small, simple chips. Larger more complex ones may need to sit for an hour to an hour and a half.

Why Rock Chip Repair is the Right Choice

Rock chip repair saves you money. Highly trained Auto Glass San Diego technicians come to you to repair your windshield, which costs a fraction of what a new windshield costs. Chips should be fixed as soon as possible, because they tend to spread into large, unrepairable cracks. Rock chip repair service ensures temperature changes, humidity changes, or vibrations from driving don’t cause the chip to spread. Repairing windshields is also environmentally friendly. Discarded windshields pile up in landfills across the country. Rock chip repair also prevents damage to the interior of the vehicle from water. Water leaks are a big problem associated with chips. Windshield damage that is left untreated for a long period can be more difficult to repair because of build up dirt.Auto Glass San Diego rock chip repair specialists provide free mobile windshield repair at a place that is convenient for you. Your satisfaction is guaranteed. For your convenience, we provide both rock chip repair service, and windshield replacement for customers with unrepairable damage. If you have a damaged windshield, call Auto Glass San Diego for a free rock chip repair consultation.
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Rock Chip Repair San Diego